Status Of Population Of Euphorbia Peplis L. In Eastern Azov Sea Area


J. V. Chebanova

In this article presents the results of triennial research of the littoral zone of the Eastern Azov Sea area. The research was done by mean of plots with phytocentral community description with mapping of projective coverage. For Euphorbia peplis we considered the projective cover, the overall closeness of vegetation, the number of individuals, population density, age structure, distribution in the East Azov Sea area, and seed production.The current status of populations of Euphorbia peplis L. in eastern part of the Azov Sea coast on Chushka and Yasenki Spit wewre presented. In general, the population status of Euphorbia peplis in Eastern Azov area is relatively stable. Nevertheless, under the influence of anthropogenic pressure the vitality of individuals, number of seeds, the density and size of the population consequently decline.


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