Stipulating the radioecological impact of consequences of accidents at nuclear power facilities


V. Vashchenko*, V. Skalozubov, O. Voloshkina, I. Korduba, I. Dudarev, H. Hayo, O. Zhukova and V. Hryb

A conservative risk-oriented method of predicting the impact of radiation consequences of accidents in a wide range of changes in accidental radiation doses has been proposed. The method is based on the complex application of stochastic and deterministic methods of modelling radiation consequences of accidents. It is necessary to improve statistical post-accident data bases on negative effects without taking into account the impact of negative processes directly related to the accident. Analysis of Chernobyl and Fukushima-Daiichi NPP accident outcomes determines the expediency of prediction techniques improvement for the impact of radiation consequences of accidents within a wide range of radiation dose rates.

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