Structural Explanation And Investigation Of Residential Complexes Using The Sustainable Development Approach


Farzaneh Sadat Shojaie, Somayeh Amarmohamadi

The housing has always been the most important issue in human beings’ lives. Having reliable, secure and comfortable shelter also has been among the human wishes. This this regard, human wished having a house using different techniques and technologies and attempted to improve the creation and development processes. Excessive urban population growth led to the development of mass residential complexes as an alternative to traditional housing in metropolitans. The accelerated progressive growth of the cities and growth of population and following that, increase constructing the houses in majority of residential complexes inconsistent structurally undesirable and inconsistent growth in addition to the qualitative view to the structural elements have been resulted in outcomes. On the other hand, the sustainable architecture and development are among the essential requirements of modern human against consequences of contemporary industrial and consuming world. Protecting the world natural resources, immunity from environmental pollutions, protecting the Ozone layer, physical and mental health, the future of human and etc. are among the most important issues addressed and they are revealed as necessities. In this article, in addition to providing the theoretical foundations of the residence and explaining the residential environment in structural view, the residential complexes are structurally explained and investigated using the sustainable development approach.


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