Study of the human body composition by means of various bioimpedance analysis methods


O.V. Filatova, I.Yu. Voronina

A cross-sectional study of 111 female students aged 17-20 was conducted. Weight-height ratios were assessed by means of the body mass index or Quetelet-II index. The body composition was assessed with the help of the bioimpedansometry device ABC-01 "Medass" and the "Omron" body composition monitor. All the examinees underwent the calculation of the body mass index (BMI) with the subsequent identification of the correlation relationship between the fat deposition indices obtained from different devices. It is shown that the use of BMI in the diagnosis of obesity and other trophic status disorders has a low diagnostic sensitivity. The use of the bioimpedansometry method is necessary for the diagnosis of the trophic status. The regression analysis confirmed the possibility to compare the scientific data on the degree of fat deposition obtained from different devices.

Keywords: Anthropometry; bioimpedansometry; body composition

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