Study On Frequency Content Of Provided Strong Ground Motion In West Azerbaijan And East Azerbaijan


Katayoun Behzadafshar

This study aims to better reveal the characteristics of the assessed ground motion in west and east Azerbaijan. Due to existence of happened great earthquakes and large number of potential seismic sources in North-West of Iran which is located in junction of Alborz and Zagros seismotectonic provinces, it is an interesting area for seismologists. Considering to population and existence of large cities like Tabriz, Ardabil and Orumiyeh which play crucial role in industry and economy of Iran, authors decided to focus on study of frequency content of strong ground motion to achieve ground acceleration in different frequencies indicate critical frequencies in the studied area. in this study have been applied is professional industrial software which has been written in 2009 and provided by authors; Because This applied software can cover previous software weak points very well. Obtained hazard maps illustrate that maximum accelerations will be experienced in North West to South East direction which increased by frequency reduction from 100 Hz to 10 Hz then decreased by frequency reduce (to 0.25 Hz). Maximum acceleration will be occurred in the basement in 10 Hz.

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