Sweet Cherries Breeding Work Results In The Institute Of Irrigating Horticulture Named After M.f Sidorenko Naas


Ð?. Ð?. Turovtsev, N. Ð?. Turovtseva, V. Ð?. Turovtseva

More than 90 cherries sorts were selected as a aresult of breeding work in Sidorenko Institute of Irrigating Horticulture, some 45 of them are included in State sort register, and considered to be suitable for spreading in Ukraine. Ways and methods of new sorts creation are described. New sorts-donors of sweet cherries, which stable transmit its features to progeny were selected. Sorts of different fetus ripening periods, which characterized by large-fruited, high productivity and high gustatory quality, for forming high-productive sweet cherries plating were determined.

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