Technical, bioclimatic, and agro-technical foundations of revolutionary changes in sowing of field crops


V.Ya. Scherbakov, O.O. Ozhovan*, I.M. Kogut and A.O. Buyanovskiy

During 40 years, the field and model experiments that showed the appreciable changes of technological parameters of seeding complex have been conducted. In particular, a significant change of sowing dates in the direction of later sowing of winter crops and extension of sowing period for spring crops, and even appearance of two optimal dates have been shown. From the point of view of sowing methods, the expediency of creation of square-shaped feeding area as an ideal configuration was disproved, and seeding rates for crops of continuous sowing method should preferably be reduced, relying on the compensator at the expense of individual productivity. It is also shown that it is advisable to sow seeds at a shallower depth than in the recommendations. All these changes are associated on the one hand with global warming, and on the other hand-with the introduction of modern innovative technologies.

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