O.Yu. Karpenko, V.M. Rozhko, A.I. Lychuk, A.O. Butenko*, G.A. Davydenko, D.S Tymchuk, O.L. Tonkha and V.P. Kovalenko

The influence of short crop rotations on the formation of the number of microorganisms of the main taxonomic groups of the maize root zone is shown. The biological activity of soil under maize, depending on its predecessor, was studied. Analysis of the development of microbial coenosis showed that at saturation of crop rotations with different plants, is taking place balancing of the microbial coenosis of the soil, the activation of enzymatic processes and the mitigation of the effects of soil exhausting, which occurs at constant cultivation of corn. The reliability and stability of highly productive agrophytocenoses can be achieved through choosing of tolerant crops in rotation.

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