The Comparison Of Ecologo-climatic Niches Of Two Species Feather Grass Stipa Sareptana A.k. Becker And S. Krylovii Roshev. (poaceae)


P. D. Gudkova, M. V. Olonova, D. S. Feoktistov

Each species besides of having the unique morphological pattern also has an unique ecologo-climatic niche and geographical range. The study of ecologico-climatic and geographic divergence can make significant contribution to understanding of the species genesis and its volume. The purpose of this paper was to compare the ecologo-climatic niches of the closely related species Stipa sareptana and S. krylovii in order to reveal their identity. The research allowed specifying the areas of both species. Using GIS methods and based on the points of presence and six independent bioclimatic characters, their potential ranges – areas where the climatic conditions are favorable for growth – were identified and ecologo-climatic niches revealed. It was established that the most important factors determining the distribution of S. krylovii and S. sareptana are the mean annual temperature and seasonality of precipitation. Other factors play a subordinate role. The comparison of ecological niches, generated by MaxEnt, showed their differences at a statistically significant level.


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