The content of heavy metals in the grass, in water and milk of Mares according to the season of the year


Z.A. Kazhmukhanbetkizi, N.B. Eleubaevich, B.S. Maksutovna

The article presents a comparative analysis of the content of heavy metals in the herbage of different in the tract Kyrykudyk represented mainly by plant associations with the dominance of long-growing species: 1. Pollen-Wheatgrass communities; 2. Sitnyakovo-belopolye community; 3. Licorice-cereal communities of pastures. The vegetation cover is in the tract Saryomir herbage grow: 1. Swan communities; 2. Forb - grass community; 3. Sitnyakovo-couch-wormwood community pastures and water wells and ponds above-mentioned tracts and also in milk of mares of Vipassana in them. The analysis is performed in relation to the season of the year, in spring and autumn. The actual values were compared with the MPC of the studied metals. Indicators basically did not exceed the MAC.

Keywords: Heavy metal; maximum permissible concentration; watering; pasture; Mare's milk

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