The Diversity Of Genus Crataegus L. (rosaceae) ?n Nakhch?van Autonomous Republ?c (republic Of Azerbaijan)


A.M. Ibrahimov

The article presents the research of genus Crataegus L. diversity in the territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. We provided comparative analysis of specimens from the herbarium of the Institute of Botany of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Bioresources of Nakhchivan Section of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, and Nakhchivan State University to clarify the current state of the genus Crataegus L. in the flora of the Nakhichivan Autonomous Republic. Based on the analysis of field data and collected herbarium during 2004-2015 and literature data we revealed 22 species of the genus in the flora of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic at present time. We also fixed that some 17 wildgrowing species occur in natural conditions, among them Crataegus chlorocarpa Lenne et C. Koch, C. ferganensis Pojark., C. sanguinea Pall., C. songarica C. Koch, C. turkestanica Pojark. were introducted into the culture and used in the landscaping of parks and gardens. We also considered the data on synonyms species, patterns of distribution among high-altitude zones, habitats as well as period of flowering and fruiting.


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