The Effect Of Probiotics On Broiler Chickens Growth And Efficiency


Yu. M. Podolian

The research objective. To research the effective action of probiotic (feed additive) ‘Probiol’ on the live weight, the growth, and slaughter traits of cross Ross-308 broiler chickens. Results. The live weight of broiler chickens fed with probiotic (feed additive) ‘Probiol’ was 2658.2 g (by 14.4% larger than control). Moreover, the survival rate of broiler chickens in experimental group increased by 4%. It was observed that average daily growth of broiler chickens from experimental group was higher by 14.7% and absolute growth was higher by 14.6% than in control group. It was observed that the feed consumption was 1.82 kg per 1 kg of chicken growth in control group and 1.68 in the experimental group (smaller by 9.6%). It was proved that usage of probiotic ‘Probiol’ caused the increasing of ante live weight by 15.5%, the undressed carcass by 15.6%, half-dressed carcass by 16.8%, and dressed carcass by 7.9 % compared to control group. The using of probiotic also increased the weight of pectoral muscles by 17.7% and femoral muscles by 13.0% of the chickens in experimental group; this was also facilitated the increasing of the weight of chicken glandular stomach by 35.0%.


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