The estimation of metagenome and functionally polymorphisms of soil procaryote


N.V. Patyka, V.M. Polozhenets, M.M. Dolya, R.M. Mamchur, N. V. Tsuman, T.M. Tymoshchuk, L.L. Dovbysh, I.A. Zhuravska, L.V. Nemerytska, T.O. Galagan, S.V. Stankevych, I.V. Zabrodina, L.V. Golovan, I.V. Klymenko

The paper estimates the metagenome as well as the functionally meaningful phylogenetic and taxonomic polymorphisms of orthic blacksoil procaryote in winter wheat agrocoenosis by using the pyrosequencing method. As many as 1708 taxonomic units and 335 procaryote taxons have been detected. The research has determined that the structure of metagenom of orthic black soil procaryote contained two archael and twenty two bacterial phyla, absolute dominants among which belonged to Proteobacteria –79,6 % and Actinobacteria – 12,9 %. The polymorphism of procaryotic taxons was observed on the level of families, herewith the dominating ones were: Alcaligenaceae, Pseudomonadaceae, Solirubrobacteraceae, Gaiellaceae, Nitrososphaeraceae. The paper shows some phylogenetic connections among the main representatives of procaryote metagenome which were formed in orthic black soil of winter wheat agrocoenosis. Thus, the use of pyrosequencing method, beside the estimation of structure and diversity, opens a prospect for studying the functional metagenome component of soil procaryote.

Keywords: Metagenome; Polymorphism; Procaryotic taxons; Soil; Agrocoenosis


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