The evaluation of safety of broiler chickens’ meat with organoliptic indicators and it’s toxity after the use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics


S.A. Tkachuk, V.B. Dukhnitsky, V.P. Lyasota, I.V. Yazenko, I.V. Zabarna, L.B. Savchuk, N.P. Holovko, S.B. Prosianyi, A.B. Mushynskyi, N.V. Usachenko

The negative effect of the residual amounts of antibiotics in poultry slaughter products on human health is that they cause sensitizing effects, the risk of allergic reactions, may cause a dysbiosis, superinfections, the formation of resistant strains of pathogenic microorganisms and a decrease in the therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotics. Antibiotics worsen the sanitary qualities and technological properties of a poultry meat; distort the results of bacterial insemination. The article deals with the experimental application of the Danoksan-50 antibacterial preparation for broiler chickens of the Cobb-500 crossbreed of a slaughter age. Danofloxacin is a broad-spectrum chemotherapeutic drug that belongs to the 4th generation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics group. It is active against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, mycoplasmas. The influence of fluoroquinolone antibiotics on the microbiological parameters and toxicity of femoral and pectoral muscles of broiler chickens is not sufficiently studied. Therefore, the aim was to study the influence of Danoksan-50 on the safety of broiler chickens’ meat. The use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics for broiler chickens do not affect the level and species composition of microflora in the studied samples of poultry, as all the microbiological parameters in experimental groups meet the requirements of current regulations. Basing on microbiological indicators, it was found that the quantity of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms (QMAFAnM), Escherichia coli bacteria, Proteus, Salmonellа and S. аureus, L. monocytogenes bacteria in femoral and pectoral muscles of broiler chickens from 24 to 120 hours, after the last oral feeding with Danoksan-50, does not exceed the permissible levels. According to the toxico-biological assessment results, using Tetraсhуmena pуriformis ciliates, in pectoral and femoral muscles in 24 hours – after the last use of Danoksan-50 in a dose of 0.1 ml/kg of a body weight for 5 days – no toxic effects on broiler chickens’ meat have been found; and that is confirmed with a ciliates death rate of 0.2-1.0% and an increase in their total number.

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