The evaluation of the collection samples of the eggplant according to some physiological indicators


A.G. Eyvazov*

The article is devoted to the evaluation according to the physiological indicators-total wet and dry biomasses, photosynthetic potential (PP), the absolute surface density of the leaves (ASDL) and productivity of 25 collection samples of the eggplant plant, and the selection of the initial material for future selection based on these indicators. It was determined that the total wet content varies between 80.4-212.6 s/ha, dry biomass 17.4-33.7 s/ha, PP 808.3-2511.3 thousand m2 day/ha, ASDL 4.67-15.88 mg/cm2, and productivity 280-600 s/ha in the eggplant collection samples. Such a wide change interval was allowed to select samples differed with the separate physiological indicators and recommend them for different directions selection carried out in the future.

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