The Fungicidal Activity Of Extracts From Oil-bearing Lamiaceae Lindl. Towards Fusarium Oxysporum


L. A. Kotyuk, I. V. Ivashchenko

The paper presented the fungicidal influence of Monarda didyma L. water extract under the concentrations of 200, 100 and 70 mg/ml on dry matter with regard to the phytopathogenic fungi Fusarium oxysporum. We discovered the fungistatic influence of Satureja hortensis L., Elsholzia cristata Willd., and Lavandula vera D.C. under the concentration of 70 and 100 mg/ml as well as the fungicidal one under concentration of 200 mg/ml. Antifungal properties of plant extracts are determined by the quantitative and qualitative content of ethereal oils, synthesized by plants. The basic elements of the ethereal oil of M.didyma are phenol compounds like thymol (61.46%), carvacrol (21.01%), trans-sabinenehydrate (1.28%), and linalyl ester (1.16%). The ethereal oil of E. cristata have 20.2% of carvacrol, 12.23% of nerolidol, 10.36% of elsholcium-ketone, 7.89% of 2,4,4,7-tetramethyl-octa-5,7-diene-3-one, and 7.67% of eugenol; S. hortensis showed 89.07% of carvacrol, 3.53% of Ï??-terpinene, 1.7% of α-thujone, and 1.48% of camphor. Linalyl ester (26.5%), linalylacetate (24.59%), α-cadinol (12.11%), α -terpineol (4.53%), and borneol (4.00%) were dominated in the ethereal oil of L. vera.

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