Ya. Rebezov, O. Gorelik, M. Rebezov*, T. Bezhinar, M. Derkho, S. Safronov, N. Vinogradova, I. Knysh, N. Fedoseeva, F. Khaziakhmetov and A. Khabirov

The level of general immunological reactivity of birds can be judged by the concentration of leukocytes in the bloodstream. The number of white cells is associated not only with the level of defense of the body of turkeys, but also with its reactivity to environmental factors, determining the activity and direction of metabolic processes. The purpose of the work is to study the characteristics of the immunological reactivity indices of turkeys of different origin and crosses in dynamics depending on age. Assessment of the physiological state of turkey poults during cultivation under industrial conditions by the variability of morphological blood parameters and the level of immunological reactivity showed, that they all fluctuate within the normal range. At the same time, the value of blood parameters depends on the age of the bird and the genotype, determined by both the breed and the cross. The level of immunological reactivity of turkeys, due to the number of leukocytes in the blood, depends on age and cross-country. According to this indicator, birds of medium (group I) and heavy crosses of the White broad-chested breed are superior to individuals of medium crosses Hybrid Greyd Maker (III group) and heavy crosses Hybrid Converter (IV group) by 3.04-14.47% depending on age.

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