The influence of bio-organic growing technology on the productivity of legumins


H. Pantsyreva, V. Stroyanovskiy, K. Mazur, O. Chynchyk, R. Myalkovsky

We presented the comparative characteristics of the main legumes, in particular peas, soybeans, white and narrow-leaved lupine, and chickpeas. Experimental data are given, and systematic analysis of their level of grain productivity was made.  Therefore, the yield and basic indicators of seed quality (crude protein yield) was established. We proved that at the level of the yield of seeds of legumes grown in the Right Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine – soybeans, peas, white lupine and lupine, and chickpea is crucial to optimize the elements of cultivation technology, based on resource conservation, through the use of modern biologicals and on different varieties of legumes. We registered that the studied legumes should be sown in the conditions of the Right Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine to overcome vegetable fodder protein. These legumes form a high feed and grain productivity. We found that modern restrictive drugs for seed treatment and sowing of legumes significantly increase their yield. The problems of the scientific article are of a complex multidisciplinary nature in the combination of adaptive farming systems, and varietal cultivation technology has given the current trends of climate change in the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine.

Keywords:   legumes, vegetable protein, biologization of agriculture, grain productivity, growing zone.



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