The Influence Of Sowing Term On The Durum Wheat Induction Ability In South Ukraine


I. S. Zambriborsh, H. O. Dobrova, O. L. Shestopal, A. I. Palamarchuk

The sowing term of spring durum wheat influence on the induction ability in the South Ukraine was evaluated. Wheat was sowed in two terms: April, 11 and April, 18 of 2013. Two sowing term were different in the growing conditions. The second term is characterized with higher temperature and lower soil humidity during wheat germination and growing. Wheat spikes were cut in appropriate microspore development stage according to standard protocol. Anthers were cultivated on different cultural media. We used standard protocols as well as our own improved protocols of media preparation. The level of sowing term and plant culture media on the induction ability of different wheat genotypes was estimated. Stress growing conditions increased the induction ability of durum wheat. The new formation percentage was higher for the second sowing term wheat on different media. However it was shown that the level of sowing term influence was lower on appropriate cultural media.


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