The most vulnerable fungal diseases of trees and shrubs in Aktobe city


N.A. Utarbaeva, S. Aipeisova, A. Maui, E. Kazkeev, A. Matsyura

The article presents the results of identification of fungal diseases among the trees and shrubs in Aktobe City (Kazakhstan). The most common diseases were powdery mildew, rust, spots, and leaf curl. Three species of fungal diseases were identified in genus Ulmus, two species – in genus Acer, four species in Populus, two species in genus Fraxinus, and the genera Salix, Rosa, Malus, Padus, and Crataegus had one fungi species each. The study revealed an uneven distribution of the identified fungal diseases. We determined that there were fewer types of fungal diseases in the gardens and parks than in the suburbs. We also registered a decrease in powdery mildew together with increase of the leave rust in urban environments. The regularity in reducing the number of fungal diseases toward the city center from periphery was defined.

Key words: fungal diseases, powdery mildew, rust, spots, leaf curl

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