The Nitrate Metabolism Enzyme Indicator Role In The Environment State Changes Conditions


O.M. Vasilyuk, A.Y. Pakhomov

The paper reflects analyzes of Cd impact on the total activity (nM pyruvic acid/ml s) of aspartate aminotransferase (AST, EC nitrogen metabolism in Glechoma hederacea L. leaves subject (as model) which dominated in the research area (in natural floodplain oak with Stellaria holostea L.) in conditions of Cd pollution (as anthropogenic press) and digging activity by Mammalia (as biotic action, with Talpa europaea L., European mole, as model),) and their combine action. The Cd was introduced in the form of salts Cd(NO3)2 in the concentrations: 0.25, 1.25 and 2,5 g/m2, equivalent to the inclusion of Cd in 1,5 and 10 doses of MAC on experimental sites. When adding Cd, the content of doses (5 mg/kg soil MAC of Cd) was taken into account. It was founded the increasing of the AST activity on 26% (with adding the Cd salts at a dose of 1 МAС and digging activity by Talpa europaea L) according to control (1 MAC Cd), witch it proved the non-specific reaction on stress. With Cd concentration 5 and 10 MAC we observed the repression of the enzymes activity according to controls (5 and 10 MAC Cd) on 10% and 50% in accordance. The protective properties by T. europaea L. hadn’t positive results. The transferase enzyme activity according to another control (the area, is without pollution of Cd and digging activity by T. europaea L.) reflected the increasing AST enzyme activity from 166% tо 218% (in presence 1 and 5 MAC Cd) and reduction around 46% (in presence 10 MAC Cd). The digging activity by T. europaea L. lowered the toxic metal effect and the normalisation of the nitrogen metabolism by increasing the activity of AST from 55% to 266%, from 318% to 291% (AST, 1 та 5 MAC Cd). The digging activity by Mammalia did not contribute the metal toxic effect under the Cd 10 MAC. Thus, using the different representatives of zoocoenosis promotes improvement in the Steppe Dnieper at low concentrations of the factor has been revealed.


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