The Palynomorphological сharacteristics Of Subsection Heterophylla (nym.) Fed. Species Of Genus Campanula L. In The Flora Of Ukraine


N. G. Dremliuga, S. L. Zhygalova

This paper presents results of a palynomorphological study of representatives of subsection Heterophylla (C. rotundifolia, C. kladniana, C. polymorpha, C. serrata) of section Campanula of genus Campanula in the flora of Ukraine. This was the initial study of C. kladniana and C. serrata for the Ukrainian flora. The common and different palynomorphology features were identified for this species. We discovered that the porous and spheroidal in polar view pollen grains were the common palynological features. We aslo founded that the common characteristic of all the species was echinate-wrinkled or rugulose grained surface with disseminated location of thorns without the spines. We suggested that further palynomorphological research of genus Campanula could show the level of the diagnostic value of these peculiarities. The species-specific characteristics were: shape of pollen grains (C. kladniana has spheroidal pollen grains), the number of pores (pollen grains of C. kladniana has three to five pores, C. rotundifolia – three, C. polymorpha and C. serrata – three or four), availability of short thorns on the exina surface (absent in pollen grains ofC. serrata), and the size of pollen grains (the smallest were registered in C. rotundifolia, 22,65x24,82 m-3).


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