Mazur V, Didur I, Myalkovsky R, Pantsyreva H*, Telekalo N and Tkach O

It is developed the growing technology model, which provides for the growing pea varieties under compatible presowing seeds treatment by bacterial preparations Ryzohumin and Polimiksobakteryn, and triplex using of foliar fertilizing by complex fertilizers KODA 7-21-7 in the phases of budding and green beans and KODA Complex in the phase of pouring seeds in the background of fertilization N45P60K60, which provided grain yield formation on the level of 4.01 t/ha in class Tsarevych and 4.31 t/ha in class Ulus, where collection of crude protein was 1.02 t/ha and 1.07 t/ha. It is established the dependence between the pea yield size and weather conditions during the growing period. It is created the optimal conditions of mineral nutrition for pea plants due to using of bacterial fertilizers and foliar fertilizers, which promoted not only great yield formation, but also significantly increasing of biochemical indexes and, as a result – the increasing of crude protein content till 24.81-25.44% and its collection – till 1.02-1.07 t/ ha.

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