The public administration and environmental tourism


L.M. Hren, E.V. Naden, P.I. Aliieva, K.A. Husarov, S.V. Stankevych*, E.N. Koroleva and M.V. Matsyura

The authors developed an ecological and management approach to internal and external ecological tourism based on the existing network of specially protected natural areas national parks and reserves in Ukraine. Analysis of the current condition of tourism in national parks shows the need for more effective public administration of environmental tourism and recreation in the two following areas: creating conditions for the development of regulated environmental tourism and recreation; minimizing the negative impact of tourism and recreation on natural complexes and historical and cultural objects. The authors draw attention to the fact that it is essential to understand the role of ecotourism public administration and its social responsibility for nature’s fate. Accordingly, the authors proposed a set of priorities to ensure the effective public administration of ecological tourism in specially protected natural areas.

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