The study of circadian activity of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Bombus Latreille) of the Middle Ob lowlands


A.T. Demidova, Z.I. Tyumaseva, E.V. Guskova

Using the example of two mass species of bumblebees in the Middle Ob lowland, it is shown that the change in bumblebees activity during the day is a species-specific indicator. B. distinguendus in the conditions of the Middle Ob lowlands are characterized by the morning-evening rhythm of activity, in B. lucorum, the activity is relatively uniform throughout the day. The optimal temperature for active foraging of both species varies within 19–25°?. The total duration of bumblebees diurnal activity at the beginning of the flight is 11–12 hours. In the period of the mass bumblebees flight, the duration increases to 18–19 hours.

Keywords: Bombus; circadian activity; bumblebees; optimal temperature; Middle Ob; Bombus lucorum; B. distinguendus

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