The Thyroid Hormones Level In The Blood Of Adolescents Of Different Somatotype


І. P. Anosov, Y. М. Shakhova

We considered the questions concerning the thyroid hormones level in adolescents’ blood depending on their organisms constitutional peculiarities. Anthropometric assessment included determination of 16 measurement characteristics, the results of which are major components of the calculation carried out by the method of contingent Chernorutskiy. According to the Pignet index of the physical development the boys were divided into three somatotypes: asthenic, hypersthenic, and normostenic. Morphological and functional characteristics of organism characterized by continuous and discrete individual variability, which corresponded to separate individual-typological groups with predominance of normostenic (61%) and hypersthenic (12.2%) somatotype. The dependence of the levels of free and total thyroxin in the blood of young men on their individually-typological features were discovered. The young men of asthenic somatotype have the highest level of total and free thyroxin in the blood; boys of hypersthenic somatotype were characterized by the low levels of these hormones.


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