The use of sorption feed supplement in the young fish feeding


K. S. Ostrenko*, N. A. Yurina, E. V. Chernyshov and A. N. Ovcharova

The purpose of the research is to study the effect of feeding an active coal feed supplement (ACFS) on biological fish-breeding indicators of young fish grown in closed water supply plants. The experiment was conducted in the conditions of a sturgeon farm in the Krasnodar territory. The object of the research was juvenile ship sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris Lovetsky, 1828. The traditional technology of keeping and feeding sturgeon fish with combined starter feeds in closed-cycle plants was used in the experiments. The physical and chemical properties of water and the content of chemical and toxic substances in sturgeon feed were analyzed. We studied the influence of feeding with ACFS on biological fish-breeding parameters, growth rate, survival rate, feed spending, nutrient products, and the coefficient of the fatness of sturgeon juveniles. We also checked the influence of active coal feed supplements on the development of muscle tissue, the chemical body composition of young fish, and its heavy metals content. We established that all water indicators in the closed water supply system were stable during the experiment and met the existing requirements. We registered that the use of ACFS in feeding young sturgeon fish contributes to an increase in their weight by 5.3-10.2%, the fatness coefficient - by 1.7-7.5% and a reduction in feed-cost products - by 5.0-8.9%. The use of ACFS has a positive effect on the development of muscle tissue, increasing its protein content by 0.41 - 0.42%, fat-by 0.16-0.32%, and reduces the content of heavy metals in the body of young sturgeon by 1.5-2.0 times.

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