The Wild Pear (pyrus L., Rosaceae) Species In The Flora Of Azerbaijan Republic


A. M. Ibrahimov, A. V. Matsyura

The article provides information about wild pears spread in the Republic of Azerbaijan. It has been revealed that currently 21 species of wild pears belonging to the Pyrus L. genus are known in the flora of Azerbaijan. 17 species of them have been spread in the area of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Pyrus zangеzura Malееv., P. vоrоnоvii Rubtz., P. gеоrgica Kuth., P. demetrii Kuth., P. fedorovii Kuth., P. psuеdоsyriaca Gladkоva., P. chosrovica Gladkova., P. mеgrica Gladkоva, P.caucasica var. schuntukеnsis Tuz., P. salicifolia var. angustifolia Kuth., P. salicifolia var. latifolia Alexenko species have been given firstly for the flora of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. As a result of climate change and anthropogenic factors in recent years in the Autonomous Republic considering the wild pears of Pyrus boissieriana Buhse (CR A2 abc; C1), P. eldarica Grossh. (CR A2 abc; C1), P. grossheimii Fed. (CR A4 cd; C1), P. hyrcana Fed. (CR A2 abc; C1), P. salicifolia Pall. (NT), P.vsevolodii Heidemann (NT) species rareness and endangering they have been included the Red Book of Azerbaijan, P. mеdvеdеvii Rubtz. (NT), P. syriaca Bоiss. (NT), P. zangеzura Malееv. (VU B1a(i)c(ii); C2a(i)), P. raddеana Wоrоnоw (VU B1a(i)c(ii); C2a(i)), P. vоrоnоvii Rubtz. (VU B1a(i)c(ii); C2a(i)), P. mеgrica Gladkоva (VU B1a(i)c(ii); C2a(i)) species have also been included the Red Book of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.


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