Theriofauna Diversity Of The Future National Park «middle Dnieper Marshes»


N. S. Ruzhilenko, V. V. Nykyforov, S. А. Konstantinov

Some 24 mammalian species were registered within the area of future National natural park «Middle Dnieper marshes», among them wild boar and jackal were surveyed occasionally; hoofed mammals, some species of insectivorous, and rodents are the rare species. Red Data List mammals are represented by three species. The otter and stoat are numerous species at local level. The density of mammals was about one species per 2 km2, index of rarity was 0.04. Most species were founded in reserve «Biletzkovka marshes» because of its high floristic diversity. The anthropogenic influence was the dominant factors for species diversity and abundance of fauna.


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