Total Antioxidant Activity Of Some Basidiomycetes Strains In Growth Dynamic


O. V. Fedotov

The work is devoted to the study of total antioxidant activity (AOA) in the growth dynamics of basidiomycetes strains in their periodic surface cultivation on glucose-peptone medium. Subjects of research are mycelium and culture filtrate (CF) from 57 strains, 5 of which are belong to 5 types of Polyporales order, and 52 of which are belong to the 7 types of Agaricales order. In order to study the dynamics of growth used method for determining the weight of absolutely dry biomass accumulation (ADB). Total AOA of mycological material was evaluated by inhibition of lipid peroxidation products accumulation intensity in the model oxidation reaction of Tween-80 by air oxygen. It was found that the most productive in terms of the accumulation of ADB are strains F. velutipes F-610 and P. eryngii P-er. Lowest values of ADB accumulation recorded for strains P. ostreatus P-14 and P-192 and P. citrinopileatus P sіtr. Were selected the most productive strains of Basidiomycetes for the level of total AOA in mycelium and CF. There are strains P. eryngii P-er, P. citrinopileatus P sіtr, P. ostreatus P-035, F. hepatica Fh-08, A. cylindracea 960, P. ostreatus P-081, P-082, P-087, P. citrinopileatus P sіtr. Has not been established the dependence between the growth and the antioxidant activity of the 9- and 12-day fungal cultures. Selected producers of natural antioxidants may be used as biological agents in biotechnology. <

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