Toward the theory of origin and distribution history of Triticum spelta L.


Serhii Poltoretskyi, Hrihorii Hospodarenko, Vitalii Liubych, Nataliia Poltoretska, Hrihorii Demydas

An analytical review of scientific references on various theories of eco-geographical and genetic origin of spelt wheat (Triticum spelta L.) is given. The analysis found that now scientists have no consensus in this regard. However, the hypothesis of polyphyletic origin of this wheat species is the most probable. According to it, the Asian spelt first appeared on the Caspian coast of Iran and became the ancestor of soft wheat. The European spelt is the result of hybridization of soft and tetraploid wheat. This spelt division into Asian and European subspecies was confirmed by C-differential staining of chromosomes, as well as by the technology of artificial neural networks.


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