Towards Origin Of Podzolized And Nonpodzolized Acid Soils


O.F. Helevera, F.P. Topolnyi

Summarized results of numerous publications and own research the origin of podzolized soils. It is shown in common national literature and alternative views on the origin of acid lowland and mountain soils. From the beginning, the emergence of the science of soil are ongoing debate about the origin of genetically close to the chernozem, but located slightly north than main array of the latest - gray forest and sod- podzolized soils, especially those of them who are long time not under forest vegetation. Most domestic researchers consider that the determining factor in the formation of a certain type of soil is the type of vegetation. Humus can be formed only from leaf litter. Where are widespread chernozem type, there has always been the herbaceous formation, and where are podzolized chernozem or gray forest soils, not to mention about the sod- podzolized soils – where were forests. This idea about a decisive role of vegetation in forming of soil types arose by V.V. Dokuchaev during study of soils of Nizhny Novgorod province. Alternative views, including labor O.H.Naboks, received strong objections and were forgotten. In the second half of the twentieth century began to appear works that have not proving popular in domestic scientists’ opinion, as if under the forest vegetation can be formed humus. Under the forest, soil is more acidic because with root secretions coming into soil more hydrogen ions which acidify the environment, which promote absorption of soluble nutrients, particularly phosphorus. The variety of soil of lowland areas in Ukraine, mainly determined by the characteristics of the water regime. If hydrothermal ratio close to 1.0 - formed chernozem. A slight flushing of soil thickness leads leaching of alkaline elements - are formedalkaline chernozem. A considerable flushing makes from the upper horizons not only soluble compounds but also partly silt fraction - is a process silt less and as a result are formed podzolized chernozem. And by weakening of the process of turf accumulation of humus are decreases, and are forming dark-gray and gray podzolized or forest soils.


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