Triticale breeding improvement by the intraspecific and remote hybridization


I. Diordiieva, Ia. Riabovol, L. Riabovol, O. Serzhuk, Zh. Novak, O. Cherno, S. Karychkovska

The purpose of our research was to expand the genetic diversity and to create the new winter Triticale materials with high grain quality by use of intraspecific and remote hybridization, involving them in the breeding of high-yield cultivars. Samples of winter Triticale were created by intraspecific and remote hybridization methods using multiple individual selections at Uman National University of Horticulture (Ukraine). We created the collection of winter Triticale, which includes more than 300 samples. It consists of unique recombinant forms that differ in morphobiological and economically valuable indicators. The obtained samples were divided according to the plant height into medium-stemmed (over 100 cm), low-stemmed (8099 cm), short-stemmed (6079 cm) and dwarf (

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