Two new species and new findings of Curculionoidea (Insecta: Coleoptera) in Baltic Amber


A.A. Legalov, G.O. Poinar, Jr.

Two new species, Succinometrioxena attenuata Legalov et Poinar, sp. n. (Belidae: Oxycoryninae: Metrioxenini) and Tachyerges hyperoche Legalov et Poinar, sp. n. (Curculionidae: Curculioninae: Rhamphini) from Baltic amber are described. Succinometrioxena attenuata Legalov et Poinar, sp. n. is close to Succinometrioxena bachofeni Legalov, 2013 but differs in the larger body size and large punctation of elytra. Tachyerges hyperoche Legalov et Poinar, sp. n. differs from Tachyerges stigma (Germar, 1821) in the scutellum lacking white scales, the larger body size, tibiae with mucro, the distances between points on the pronotum equal to the diameter of the points, and elytral interstriae without hairs. New findings of Glaesotropis (Glaesotropis) weitschati Gratshev et Zherikhin, 1995, Electrotribus theryi Hustache, 1942, Synommatodes patruelis (Voss, 1953) and Caulophilus sucinopunctatus (Kuska, 1992) are recorded. Key to species of the subfamily Cossoninae is given. It is the first record of the genus Tachyerges Schoenherr, 1825 in the fossil state.

Keywords: Insecta; Coleoptera; Curculionoidea; New Findings; Key; Eocene; Baltic Amber


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