Update on the distribution and the status the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) on the population of Culicidae in the North-east of Algeria


R. Amna, A. Yasmine, M. Brahim*, B. Mounir, K. Khamsa, R. Abdelhakim, R. Kamel and O.M. Laid

Aedes albopictus was collected from some regions in Northeast Algeria to have an understanding of the distribution and the type of breeding site that the species prefers in the area, throughout the years (2017-2020). Then an ovitrap method was conducted to learn more about this invasive species' behavior compared with most abundant species (Culex pipiens and Culiseta longiareolata). After revealing the arrival of the Asian tiger mosquito to the region of Annaba in 2017 during mosquito inventory, we also declared it for the first time in both Bouchegouf (Guelma) and Besbes (El Tarf). We determined that this species prefers urban artificial breeding sites. In Besbes (El Tarf), the ovitraps revealed Ae. albopictus as the most abundant over species Cx. pipiens and Cs.longiareolata (82.09%) (F2.69=7.14; P=0.002). Thus, this invasive and adaptive species could coexist with local mosquito species, it can even displace them.

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