Usage Of Electron-ion Storage Technique For Fruits Conservation


D. S. Stepanenko, N. V. Tarusova, P. V. Gogunska

The forming mechanism of the biological and seed productivity of halophytes of different ecological groups in Ukrainian Priazov’y? was considered. Salinity in all the periods of vegetation was considerably influenced on the growth processes as well as biological and seed productivity of the plants. The negative action of salt stress was extremely high in the middle of the vegetation, when actother external factors have maximum effect, importancethe butplants were characterized by biggest sizes of surface and the important processes of pollination, impregnation, and forming of seed are determined. The mesophytes were seemed to be the most sensible to the salinity, but the halophytes were also depended upon this factor. The pattern of plants distribution along the salt gradient was performed: P. lanceolata ® A. santonica ® H. pedunculata ® S. europaea.

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