Use of asid-activated saponites as natural sorbents


I.V. Kalinin, V.A. Bogatyrenko, V.A. Nesterovskiy

The composition, structure, and adsorption properties of natural saponites from the smectite deposit of the Khmelnytsky region have been studied. It is shown that saponites are "environmentally friendly" clays containing biologically active microelements as isomorphic impurities. It was established that acid activation increases the content of acid surface centers and the adsorption activity of saponites. Based on the study conducted by the authors, it is proposed to use natural saponites not only as adsorbents and fodder additives, but also in medicine. As a result of our studies it was established that the use of natural raw materials - saponites of the Khmelnitsky layer - allows their "ecological purity" and rich mineral composition. After acid activation, such saponites have a sufficiently high content of surface acid sites, which causes their cationic activity. In general, this gives universality to saponites from the smectite group and opens up broad prospects for their use in medicine - as a substance for the manufacture of efferent drugs; veterinary medicine as a mineral supplement for animal feed; in agriculture as a "fertility stone"; as well as for the protection of the environment - the development of technologies for cleaning and disinfecting water of various degrees of pollution.

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