Use Of Iodine Preparation In Rabbit Breeding


O.M. Yakubchak, I.V. Zabarna, T.V. Taran, S.B. Prosaniy, V.I. Dzhmil

The territory of Ukraine is unique area in terms of iodine, which indicates the need for daily additional consumption of iodine along with the foodstuff. The major products applied for iodine deficiency prevention include salt and water optimized in terms of iodine and another microelements content. The thesis objective is to study influence of Iodis-Concentrate® preparation on rabbit meat quality parameters. Our aim was to find out the amino acid composition, the fatty-acid composition and mineral composition, as well as the iodine content in rabbit meat. There were two groups of two months old laboratory rabbits formed: the stud and control group (5 rabbits in each group). The rabbits of the control group were watered with the water taken from the well located in Obukhiv, Kyiv Oblast, while the rabbits of the study group were watered with the same water, although adding Iodis-Concentrate Preparation in the dosage of 0.35 mg/kg. In terms of organoleptic, physical and chemical indices, the rabbit meat corresponded to the fresh meat. The amino acid composition of the rabbit meat in the study and control group was slightly different. Subject to watering the rabbits with potable water with Iodis-Concentrate preparation added, the contents of certain indispensable and dispensable amino acids, and the aggregate contents thereof slightly increased, however, no trustworthy difference was recorded. No abnormal ratio of indispensable and dispensable amino acids was recorded. The biological value of the rabbit meat is preserved. As regards the fatty acids content, the meat of rabbits treated with Iodis-Concentrate preparation contained more fatty acids, as follows: lauric acid, myristic acid, Cys-10 heptadecenoic acid, elaidic acid, oleine acid, linolic acid, linolenic acid, Cys-11- eicosenic acid, Cys-8, 11,14- eicosatrienoic acid, Eicosatetraenoic acid, as compared to the control parameters, which indicates stimulation of lipid metabolism. During studying the influence of Iodis-Concentrate preparation on rabbit meat composition, the trustworthy high contents of the following microelements and microelements was ascertained: aluminum, calcium, chrome, ferrum, magnesium, manganese, natrium, strontium, and zinc. In the meat of rabbits treated with Iodis-Concentrate preparation, the researcher unveiled twice higher contents of iodine as compared to the performance in the control group of rabbits.


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