О. М. Chernenko*, V. M. Prishedko, R. V. Mylostyvyi, N. M. Shulzhenko, O. S. Orishchuk, О. I. Chernenko, S. V. Tsap and O. V. Khmeleva

We studied the effect on the welfare of bulls (n=16) of their resistance to stress. The bulls with less stress resistance (group II) were in a standing position during 24 hours 53.6 minutes longer than their highly resistant peers (group I). On the contrary, the bulls of the 1st group rested lying 87 minutes longer. The welfare of the bulls, due to different response to stress and behavioral patterns, affected sperm quality. Defect of sperm not suitable for use compared to peers of group I was higher in bulls of group II by 12.9–22.2% in the first three years of breeding.

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