What Is Lyclene Dasara (moore, 1859) (lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae)?


Anton V. Volynkin, Karol Bucsek

The paper contains data on the taxonomy of the 'Lyclene dasara (Moore, [1860])' complex. L. dasara is known certainly from islands Java and Bali. The continental populations previously treated as 'L. dasara' belong to two different species, L. chromatica (Swinhoe, 1891) stat. nov. known from South India and L. undulata (Swinhoe, 1903) stat. & comb. nov. known from Himalaya, China and Indochina (including the Malay Peninsula). All three species are very close externally, but differ in both male and female genitalia. The name Lyclene corrigera Volynkin & Bucsek, nom. nov. is introduced as replacement for Lyclene undulata Bucsek, 2012, nec. Swinhoe, 1903.


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