Woody species structure and regeneration status of shoti forest, Essera district Dawro zone, SNNPRG, Ethiopia


B.T. Amenu*, G.S. Mamo, B.A. Amamo and T.T. Doko

Woody species in Shoti forest were assessed. Systematic sampling method was used to collect vegetation data. Ninety 20 m ×20 m sample plots were used for mature trees of woody species and five 2 m × 2 m subplots within each main plot for seedling and sapling study to know regeneration of woody plants. The sample plots were laid at every 100 m interval along transects at 400 m apart. The composition and population structure of the woody species and their regeneration were recorded in each plot. Environmental variables (altitude and aspect,) were recorded in each sample plot and tree height was measured. Woody species densities for mature individuals were 3516 stems ha-1, for saplings 2544 stems ha-1 and for seedlings 1177 stems ha-1 which indicates the study forest is declining. The total basal area of the forest was 77.32 m2 ha-1. Management like enrichment plantation is recommended.

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