Yield and seed structure of the spring wheat


V.I. Belyaev, L.V. Sokolova, A.V. Matsyura

We presented analysis of the influence of spring wheat seeds sowing qualities on the yield. Experimental studies were carried out in 2010-2017 in Altai Krai. The seed divided into fractions in the air stream differs significantly in its characteristics. The ratio of fractions significantly depends on the conditions of the year and has a significant impact on the formation of the potential yield of spring wheat. Seeds isolated at an air speed of 8 m/s are a highly significant limiting factor in achieving the maximum yield of spring wheat. An increase in their share for every 10% in the seed can lead to a yield shortfall of up to 5.5 c/ha. Sowing should be carried out with the most complete seed fractions, with a 1000 grain weight of 31.8-38.0 g, obtained at an air flow rate of 9 m/s. Their share in the seed used by the farms of the region is 34.8 - 52.7%.

Key words: spring wheat, seed structure, yield, Altai Krai


Barysheva, N.N., Belyaev, V.I., Baryshev, D.D., Pronin, S.P. (2019). Experimental study of the electrophysical properties of wheat seeds, divided into fractions by aerodynamic properties. Bulletin of Altai State Agrarian University, 9 (179), 136-139 (In Russian).

Beletskiy, S.L., Gusakova, L.P., Priyaikin, N.S., Arkhipov,

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