Yield evaluation of recently released Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc) Trotter] varieties for high potential areas in Southern Ethiopia


M. Assefa*

Tef is extremely nutritional and is a crucial a part of Ethiopia’s cultural heritage and national identity. The experiment was conducted to identify, choose and advocate adaptable, high yielding variety. Twenty tef genotypes were evaluated in RCBD with 3 replications at 2 locations Meskan and Wulbareg districts throughout main cropping season of 2021/22. The combined Analysis of variance discovered that there have been vital variations among tested tef varieties. Supported the obtained results of the combined two locations highest grain yield obtained from improved tef varieties Boset (1746 kg/ha) followed by Dagim (1552 kg/ha). On the opposite hand, lowest grain yield was recorded by Werekiyu and Jitu (957 kg/ha). Boset, and Dagim were counseled for the study space and similar ecologies of Siltie zone and Guraghe zone, because the result the research worker recommends that these selected varieties ought to go any through pre-extension and demonstration for further wider multiplication and addressing farmers within the study area.

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