Zooindication And Phytoindication Of Autotrophic And Heterotrophic Consortia Of Biogeocoenoses Organization


O. N. Kunakh, M. V. Tryfanova, D. S. Ganzha

The main results of ecomorfology structure of soil mesofauna in the adjacent area of Dneprovsko-Orylskiy Natural Reserve (Ireland Pogorily ore Dyka Kosa) have been presented by the methods of OMI- and RLQ – analysis. The components of variability of the soil animal world (in colony of Ardea cinerea L.), which is conditioned by auto- and heterotrophic consortia and also by influence of edaphically properties of biogeocoenoses were determined. Also we registered the high level and dynamics of mineral feed and presence of nitrogen in the soil. The results of description of taxonomic and ecological diversity in association of mesopedobionts were presented. We proved that the coenomorphic type of the animals was bog-forest. On the basic of joint measuring of edaphically descriptions and features of fauna structure we estimated the properties of ecological niche of soil mesofauna.


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