O.M. Kolisnyk*, A.O. Butenko, L.V. Malynka, I.M. Masik, V.I. Onychko, T.O. Onychko, L.V. Kriuchko and O.M. Kobzhev

The conducted research has become the basis for the development of practical recommendations and the improvement in the methods for determining the resistance of maize plants to pathogens of head and boil smut. In terms of monoculture, susceptible lines are significantly affected by head smut, and what is more, maize cobs are characterized by heavy infestation that significantly influences the harvest of these lines. To improve the effectiveness of assessing the resistance of lines and hybrids to this disease in the conditions of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine, where the disease is not widespread, it is expedient to use an artificial provocative background.

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