Aggrfgate Structure Of Industrial Soils Of The Nikopol Manganese Ore Basin


A. V. Zhukov, G. A. Zadorozhnaja, I. V. Ljadskaja

The profile distribution of industrial soil’s aggregate structure in the experimental polygon of the Nikopol manganese ore basin has been studied. The soil type and layer depth were the most powerful factors of formation of aggregate structure of industrial soils. The distinctive abilities of aggregate structure dynamics for differentiation of industrial soil type according to their profiles have been defined. The variability of indices of fractions between 10 and 0.25 mm was depended on the industrial soil type and to a lesser degree from the profile allocation. Percentage of structural aggregates with a size 3-1 and 1-0,5 mm were typical for certain levels of a profile also is similar in different industrial soils. There was certain specificity of profile allocation of fractions with a size 10-7 and 7-5 mm, distinguishing industrial soil type from each other.

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