Application Of Organic Fertilizers With Preserving Of High Quality Of Water In Fish-breeding Ponds


N. I. Tson, M. I. Hyzhnyak, O. Y. Dumych, O. N. Kovalchuk, H. N. Dobrianska

We estimated the water quality in fish-breeding ponds under influence of traditional (dung) and non-traditional fertilizers (distilled grain). We suggested that the processes of zooplankton development stimulation and water reservoirs self-purification are occurring mostly during vegetative period. Application of distilled grain stimulates the development of primary filtrators of Cladocera suborder much more intensively than applying of dung. According to the saprobiological assessment the water of both experimental and control ponds refers to the mesotrophic type of water reservoirs, namely β-mesosaprobic zone.


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