Biology Of Gadwall In The Baraba Steppe


А. I. Koshelev, А. D. Dubovik

In recent decades the number of gray ducks within range of the species has declined sharply, it has been included in several national Red books, including the Ukrainian one. Restoration of this species is only possible by studying of the features of its biology and amendments to the game hunting. The lake forest-steppe part of Western Siberia is still the center of the reproduction of gray duck. Reproductive capacity of this species is extremely high. The brood had up to 6-13 eggs, with an average of 8. Early clutches contain on average 9-11, late - 6 eggs. In broods there are 6-11, with an average of 8 chicks. Mixed stack with other species of ducks make up to 2,7%. The breed mortality in different years was up to 66,7%, the eggs - up to 20,5%, mortality of nestlings - 30,9%. To restore the population of gray duck hunting reserves it is recommended to conduct the biotechnology activities, to create special conditions for transition to colonial type of breeding.


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