Comparative and legal analysis of the legislation of Ukraine and the European Union in the field of organic production of livestock


K.O. Rodionova, O.S. Nihmatova, M.S. Khimych, V.M. Steshenko, M.M. Broshkov, A.P. Paliy, I.V. Yatsenko, A.P. Palii

The aim of the work has been to determine the correspondence of the content of the current legislation of Ukraine to the EU regulations according to quality assurance of organic livestock production and to identify specific areas of national legal support that need to be improved in order to adapt to respective European standards. The main EU regulations in the field of production of organic livestock products are considered in the paper, the main principles of normative-legal acts of our state, which regulate this sphere, are considered. The light was throun on the problematic issues of adaptation of the national legislation of Ukraine to the EU regulations in the field of production and circulation of organic products. The need to improve the legislation of Ukraine in specific areas in accordance with European requirements is substantiated.

Keywords: organic, production, organic products market, organic livestock products, animal welfare, EU regulations, adaptation of Ukrainian legislation

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