Contribution To The Knowledge Of The Family Nemonychidae (coleoptera) With Descriptions Of New Taxa


A.A. Legalov

We investigated the growing quail patterns while feeding with different sources of copper. We conducted experimental studies in terms of problem research Laboratory of feed additives, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. We selected Pharaon quails as the material for scientific experiments which was carried out by analog group method. The study was conducted on 120 day-old Japanese quail chicks which were randomly divided into three group viz., 1, 2, and 3 of hundred birds each. Group 2 and 3 were given feed supplement, with copper sulphate, copper glycinate, and copper citrate twice per day – in morning and in evening along with basal diet and the group 1 was kept as control. We established that body weight of quails fed with copper citrate (copper contain 8 mg/kg of feed) was by 2 % larger then in control group. During the study, we registered high level of quail preservation in the experimental groups. The poultry, which fed copper citrate had the lowest cost of feed per one kilo of growth.


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